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When it comes to designing and building a new kitchen, engaging in the services of an experienced cabinet-maker can save you time and unwanted stress. Whether your project is a new kitchen on the Northern Beaches or a kitchen renovation on the Northern Beaches, you will undoubtedly want to engage in the best cabinet-maker for your project. For that reason, you should only hire a cabinet-maker who uses Microvellum software.


Microvellum is a software program developed by cabinet-makers for cabinet-makers. The company has been developing software for the woodworking industry since 1991. The key product developers of the software have extensive backgrounds in the woodworking industry. This means that the Microvellum software utilises hands-on experience to simplify and streamline everyday tasks that woodworkers are faced with.


There are five key advantages to engaging the services of a cabinet-maker who uses Microvellum technology:


Microvellum provides cabinet-makers with an unmatched platform for conceptual design, 3D modelling, product prototyping and rendering. The unique 5D drawing tool within Microvellum software enables cabinet-makers to draw each project in 3D while instantly creating 2D plans, elevations and sections.


Microvellum software enables cabinet-makers to design and build custom and one-off products such as face-frame cabinets, frameless cabinets and custom fixtures. The extensive variable control system of the software means that products are not restricted by a specific way of constructing or machining. This means that if your cabinet-maker uses Microvellum software, they can design, engineer and build just about anything. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


If you have enlisted the help of an architect, you will particularly want to enlist the services of a cabinet-maker who uses Microvellum technology. Architects design and draw to the industry standard for architectural drawing using CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology. Microvellum software seamlessly combines with CAD architectural programs, such as AutoCAD. This means that the drawings of your architect and cabinet-maker can easily be exchanged and transferred, ensuring the efficient and problem-free design of your kitchen. It also decreases the occurrence of human error and reduces wastage during the building stage of your project.

Volpe Cabinet Making use Microvellum software on-site – so you can see the progress of your kitchen design on the  Northern Beaches at any time.  Drop in to have a look or have a chat.

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