We did it! Victory at the 2017 Local Business Awards

And we’re absolutely over the moon.

We are so proud of the entire Volpe team and all the hard work we’ve put in to get where we are today delivering outstanding cabinetry to our clients across the Northern Beaches, the City and the Eastern Suburbs.

As some of you will know, Victor Volpe started the business at just about the most difficult time possible when his old boss went broke during the GFC.

From lugging bricks and doing odd-jobs out of his station wagon, to knocking up boxes in a Kennards self-storage unit (before being kicked out because of all the dust he was generating), Victor, his brother Chris and the growing Volpe Cabinet Making team have created something strong and successful.

Take a look at Victor’s awards speech below.

Winning this Local Business Award means a lot to us. We are a truly local business. This is our home. We love developing local talent. We hire local people whenever we can, and love nothing more than having local apprentices learn their trade with us.

You might not know that we currently have 8 cabinet making apprentices. We’re really proud of that. We’ve signed off on 3 of them and our goal is to start two local apprentices every year – creating a pathway to a rewarding career at Volpe. In fact, Nath – our 2IC, started at Volpe as an apprentice straight out of school.

We’re really grateful for all of the support we’ve received – we’ve been inundated with congratulations and high-fives from family, friends, clients and suppliers since the news broke.

What an amazing year.

Here’s to many more like it.

Australian House & Garden

Volpe Cabinet Making company helps make a house a home!

November 2013 Australian House & Garden featured  Volpe Cabinet Making’s beautiful craftsmanship.

If a picture tells a thousand words, here we have 4,000 words!

Video Teaser

Volpe Cabinet’s behind the scenes slideshow

July 1st was scheduled for the company video shoot at Volpe Cabinet ‘s Headquarters.

The weather was stunning, the boys were spruced up in their Volpe Cabinet Making shirts ready to take part in the company video. Props and smiles were all ready for the ‘Action’ call.

So much great footage, and so many cool shots. Here is a behind the scenes snippet of the day!

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