What to consider when Designing a Kitchen in Sydney: (PART B)

Yesterday we discussed the top three tips to kitchen design on the Northern Beaches:

  1. Lifestyle – designing your kitchen to suit your needs
  2. Architecture and design – matching your kitchen to your house
  3. Movement and usability – how your kitchen flows

However there is one additional key factor to consider when designing a kitchen – the coordination of services. Some of the most overlooked features when planning or designing a kitchen are the services. These include the plumbing, electrical services and lighting. Deciding on the locations and types of these services prior to building your kitchen will save you time and costly alterations after the kitchen has been installed.

Electrical sockets/power points

The location of electrical sockets is not limited to walls and splash-backs. It is a good idea to install electrical sockets within cupboards. This will keep your bench space clear by allowing you to store and use your appliances within your cupboards and pantry. It will also save you the annoyance of retrieving, plugging in and returning appliances from their storage spaces every time they are used.


Volpe Cabinet Making crazy kitchen lights

Volpe Cabinet Making crazy kitchen lights

Lighting does not have to be limited to traditional ceiling lights. LED or down lights can be installed within enclosed cupboards, display cabinets and within the pantry. Lights can also be installed within the underside of overhead cabinets to provide task lighting for work surfaces. A single pendant light or a cluster of pendant lights over an island bench can create a dramatic statement, setting the mood for your kitchen.




Don’t forget to consider the ventilation of cooking smells and steam from your kitchen. Have you considered locating stove-tops and cooking surfaces near an open window, or installing an exhaust flume within your kitchen?


Another factor to consider is the storage of heavy and bulky items. It is a good idea to store large plates, platters and heavy cooking pots within the lower drawers and cupboards, to save you retrieving heavy and large items from overhead.

Enlisting the help of an experienced professional will ensure that your kitchen design fits your lifestyle and home. If you need help sourcing other trades, please let us know.

For more information or help with kitchen design in Sydney, contact us.

Volpe Cabinet Making cool-Kitchen-Lighting-Ideas

Volpe Cabinet Making cool-Kitchen-Lighting-Ideas

Volpe Cabinet Making original-kitchen-hanging-lights-20

Volpe Cabinet Making original-kitchen-hanging-lights-20

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