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Custom Made Kitchens vs Off-The Shelf Kitchens

When it comes to buying a kitchen on the Northern Beaches, your options are wide and varied. There is a range of styles, materials and prices that you can choose from in both the off-the-rack and tailor-made options. If you’re budget is limited, you may be thinking about one of the ‘off-the-shelf’ kitchen packages. But is this necessarily the best fit for your home? To answer that question, there are three main factors you need to consider:

1.       Price

Generally speaking, off-the-shelf kitchens are the cheapest option. However, while you may initially pay a little more for a custom-made kitchen, the end result cannot be compared with the cheaper alternative. Considering that the kitchen is a main selling point of the home, a custom-made kitchen will not only maximise your use of space, it will add value to your home in the long run.

2.       Materials

Durability should be a key concern for any kitchen material. Kitchens are high-use areas often exposed to spills, sharp surfaces, heat and changes in humidity. Commonly, off-the-shelf kitchen cabinets are mass-produced from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) with wood and melamine veneers. MDF is a great cost-effective product. However, over time MDF shelving will warp and bow. Melamine is cheap and easy to clean but it is soft and will not withstand much abuse or exposure to moisture.

In contrast, custom-made kitchens are built to last by experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen. They use superior hardware and joinery techniques to give added strength to your kitchen cabinets.

3.       Flexibility

In some ways, installing an off-the-shelf kitchen into your home is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together using pieces from two different puzzles – it will never result in the best fit. Enlisting the help of an experienced cabinet-maker will ensure that you utilise the maximum potential of your existing space, especially if your project is a kitchen renovation on the Northern Beaches.

To engage the services of an experienced cabinet-maker in Sydney, or for general help with kitchen design in Sydney, contact us.


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