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Need help with Kitchen Design Sydney?

Are you embarking on a new Kitchen on the Northern Beaches or a Kitchen Renovation on the Northern Beaches? Designing your new kitchen can be an exciting and invigorating time but it can also be a stressful time as well. The difference between a happy kitchen experience and a disastrous kitchen experiences can be attributed to the clarity of the design process. While you may be chafing at the bit to get your hands on the drawing board and start your new kitchen design, take a moment to stop and reflect upon whether you are the right person for the job.

Are you the best person to design your kitchen?

While you may feel you have a clear vision for the design of your new kitchen, as the homeowner, you risk becoming easily swayed by purely aesthetical pursuits and arbitrary concerns. It is oh-so-easy to become inspired by dreamy kitchens in magazines or on TV. Yet applying these ‘looks’ to your kitchen project, especially without much consideration to the functionality of the space, will result in a kitchen that may look spectacular but that is uncomfortable and hard-to-use.

Are architects the best kitchen designers?

Your architect may also not have the clearest design perspective when it comes to the design of your kitchen. In general, architects are concerned with the overall design of a home, particularly with a focus on the structure and aesthetics of the building as a whole. As a result, they may give little thought to the minute details and workings of the kitchen space itself. They may also fail to take into account your personal nuances when it comes to how you cook, how often you cook and how

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many you cook for.

Kitchen Cabinet Makers

An experienced cabinet-maker plays the role of a knowledgeable kitchen designer and is the best person to design your kitchen. With years of experience and hands-on practical advice, cabinet-makers act as sieves that filter through the ideas circulating in your head and appropriately apply them to your kitchen project. Time and again we see that enlisting the help of a kitchen cabinet-maker will produce a more satisfying end-result than an off-the-shelf kitchen, a homeowner-designed kitchen or an architect-designed kitchen.

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