A Guide to choosing the right finishes for your Kitchen Design Finishes

Colours, Cabinets, Bench Tops – a guide when choosing Kitchen Design Finishes.

Selecting the materials and finishes for your kitchen can seem a complicated and daunting process. While there is no set rule when it comes to choosing kitchen materials and finishes, there are some general guidelines that will help you to design your Kitchen on the Northern Beaches:

Bench tops

When it comes to selecting the kitchen design finishes, the kitchen benchtop is a great place to start. Not only is it often the biggest surface within the kitchen area, it is often the most dominant surface due to their position just below eye-level. You will want to choose a counter-top that is durable and easy to clean. As a general guide, select one single material for your kitchen bench tops. This will create consistency and simplicity within your kitchen space.


The kitchen cabinets are also a highly dominant feature within the kitchen area. Like the benchtops, the kitchen cabinetry sits just below eye level. Therefore, it is a good idea to select a material for your cabinetry that harmonizes with your benchtop material. The material could be a slight variation from your benchtop material but it should never be one that clashes. Aim for light-coloured cabinetry that will keep the space open and bright.

Cabinets & Bench tops by Caesarstone: Ichijo Homes | liked by Volpe Cabinet Making

Colour palette

On a similar note, it is a good idea to stick to a small colour palette when designing your kitchen. Try to only select three of four materials for your main finishes and compliment these with other materials in small doses to add visual depth and texture. Light colours will create an open and spacious feel while dark colours will create a more condensed, intimate feel. If your project is a kitchen renovation on the Northern Beaches, try to harmonise your new finishes with the existing kitchen finishes that you are keeping.

Caesarstone have a great colour palatte to start with when considering your Kitchen Design Finishes – so much to choose from.

Caesarstone Shitake Style | liked by Volpe Cabinet Making


When deciding on your floor finish, keep in mind that your floor material should be based on the surrounding rooms. You will also need to ensure that your floor will not clash with your kitchen cabinetry and benchtops.


It’s the little things in the kitchen that can really tie the look of a kitchen together. These include the lighting, fixtures, hardware and furniture. A good tip to remember is that kitchens with multiple materials and colours require a lot of finesse to look balanced, so when it comes to kitchen accessories, less is generally more. Try to select kitchen accessories that harmonies with your kitchen material and colour palette. A few contrasting colours and items of interest can be incorporated within your kitchen but remember, don’t overdo it!

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