A Guide to Kitchen Lighting

No matter how well your kitchen may be styled, poor lighting will deflate even the best of rooms. A poorly lit kitchen will cause strain on the eyes and will leave occupants feeling flat and dull. In contrast, an over-lit kitchen will cause headaches and hyperactivity. So how do you ensure you design a well-lit kitchen? We have recorded some key factors to consider when choosing the lighting for your kitchen on the Northern Beaches:

Task lighting vs Mood lighting

There are two functions of lighting – illuminating task areas and enhancing the mood of a space. Within the kitchen space there needs to be a balance between the task lighting of food preparation and cooking areas and between the mood lighting of social and conversation areas. Finding this balance often depends on the lighting fixtures you choose, whether incandescent lights, fluorescent lights or LED lights.

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The colour of light

Whichever lighting type you choose, it is important to remember that lights come in three colour options – a cool white and two grades of warm white. Most existing houses use warm whites so for kitchen renovations on the Northern Beaches, selecting a warm white light will most likely match your existing lighting. Cool white lights are the brightest lights and are good for task lighting. They are also great for mood lighting if a dimmer is installed.

LED lights

LED lighting is a great option for any kitchen. LED lights integrate neatly into any style of kitchen and can provide both task and mood lighting. There are two main forms of LED lights available today – strip lights and down lights. Strip lights give a continuous light while down lights provide more direct spot lighting. In both cases, remember to install a diffuser with your LED lighting to avoid your kitchen appearing like a disco.

Overhead cabinets, display cabinets and pantries are a great location for LED lights. It is a good idea to put the lights on a door-activated switch that triggers the light as the cupboard doors are open and closed.

Also, if you are using LED strip lights, it is important to install the lights into an aluminum track rebated into the cabinet panels (such as the under panel of overhead cabinets). Strip lighting not installed within a track will rely solely on glue to hold them in place and will come loose over time.

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