Kitchen Design Layout that Works!

The Kitchen Triangle – Kitchen Design Layout that Works!

Regardless of the kitchen style you choose, your kitchen space must be usable and functional. When it comes to designing your kitchen or kitchen renovation on the Northern Beaches, the layout of your space and the location of your appliances should be of utmost importance. It should take precedence over any aesthetical considerations you make. Yet while there is a plethora of resources outlining kitchen styles and trends, there are limited places to turn for help with functional design. So, here are some helpful tips and suggestions when designing a functional and efficient kitchen:

The Kitchen Triangle

If you have been browsing kitchen design resources and guides for your new kitchen on the Northern Beaches, no doubt you would have come across the concept of the “kitchen triangle.” The kitchen triangle is all about efficiency. It ensures the three main workstations within a kitchen (the sink, the oven/cooktop and the refrigerator) are all located within a suitable distance. A kitchen triangle that is too large will make cooking a hassle while a kitchen triangle that is too small will make the kitchen feel cramped. As a general guide, the distance between each element of the kitchen triangle should be no less than 1.2m and no larger than 2.7m.

However, keep in mind that the concept of the ‘kitchen triangle’ was developed in the 1940s. Nowadays the ‘kitchen triangle’ elements should extend to include the stove and cooktop, the sink, the fridge, the microwave, the dishwasher and the bin. Locating these elements close together (yet not too close together!) will make your cooking experience enjoyable and efficient.

Some further tips to consider when incorporating the  ‘kitchen triangle’ into you kitchen are:

1.       Placing the sink near a window or within the island bench will give you a nice outlook while you are in the workspace zone.

2.       Placing your cook top opposite the sink will guarantee an easy-to-use kitchen. However, ensure that your sink and cook top are not too close together to avoid water and electricity cross-over.

3.       Providing an enclosed space at the cook’s back will make preparing food more relaxing and comforting.

One last consideration, is how does the family interact with the ‘kitchen triangle’?

Interesting! – the work triangle is this tiny thing compared to the massive traffic flow patterns! Courtesy of

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