Why is Kitchen Design Sydney so important?

The number of new kitchens on the Northern Beaches of Sydney has seen a rise in recent times. The popularity of home design and renovation programs on TV has ignited enthusiasm for revamping or re-designing the family kitchen. However, is designing one’s kitchen as easy as flipping through a magazine and applying the same look or feel to your own home?

Interestingly, psychologists are just starting to understand the interdependence between a person and his environment (for further information see the book ‘House Thinking’ by Winifred Gallagher). They have discovered that our surroundings impact our emotional, physical and psychological well-being. Considering that the kitchen forms the central core of the modern home and is inevitably the space where we spend the majority of our time, the design and planning of one’s kitchen is of utmost importance to our happiness and state of mind.

Studies have shown that a badly designed kitchen can induce feelings of stress. Common kitchen faux pas, such as sharp corners, jutting cupboards and tight work surfaces can trigger the release of cortisol, a hormone related to panic (source: The Wall Street Journal).

The modern-day kitchen is not only where we nurture our loved one’s bodies, it is where we nurture their souls as well. It is where late-night talks take place, where homework problems are solved and where casual celebrations happen spontaneously. The kitchen plays the expanded role as the main ‘living’ space of a home and it is where fond memories are made. The design of your kitchen should therefore not only factor in the ‘look’ you are after, but also your lifestyle. A kitchen should provide balance and flexibility for when your family and lifestyle may change. It should also form a space that promotes sociability.

So where do you start? It is not simply a matter of leafing through magazines and collecting paint chips. A good start is to list the things that you have loved and hated about kitchens in previous homes and activities that are important in your daily life.

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Volpe Cabinet Making Kitchen Northern Beaches

Volpe Cabinet Making Kitchen Northern Beaches

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