Novel Ideas you will Want to incorporate into your Kitchen.

Novel Kitchen Renovation Ideas

There are plenty of resources available for inspirational and great-looking kitchens. However, when it comes to designing your kitchen on the Northern Beaches or renovating your kitchen on the Northern Beaches, the real beauty lies in the detail. It’s the little elements that are often overlooked that really make a kitchen standout from the rest. So we have compiled a list of novel kitchen ideas that no doubt you will want to incorporate into your kitchen design:

The Pantry

1.       When it comes to your pantry, bi-fold doors area a great option. They create an open and airy sense of space whilst also making it easier to access your items.

2.       Another great idea is to place a stone top within your pantry. You can then place appliances such as your toaster and coffee machine onto this stone top, clearing your kitchen benchtops from unwanted clutter and hiding your appliances.

3.       Adjustable shelves within the pantry are a great way to create flexible storage space.

The Kitchen Drawers

1.       A bin drawer is a great idea to hide unsightly rubbish. A good spot for the bin drawer is close to the dishwasher and the sink, for ease of use. Make sure you design the direction that your cupboard doors open accordingly.

2.       An automatic push button to open your bin door is also a great idea that will save you from constantly cleaning dirtied kitchen cabinetry.

3.       To avoid creating a look of ‘too-many-drawers’, consider installing internal drawers within your drawers for shallow items such as cutlery.

4.       Buy cutlery draw inserts for your kitchen cabinetry. Blum have a system called Orga line stainless steel cutlery inserts for drawers which have compartments that are easy to sort and clean.

Blum Olga fixtures | Volpe Cabinet Making only use Blum

5.       Odd spaces within your kitchen cabinetry are great places to install spice rack drawers, chopping board drawers and detergent drawers.

6.       Lazy Susans (also known as Lemans) are a great solution for corner pantries and cupboards.

The Island Bench

1.       Incorporating a seating area at the back of your island bench is a great way to create alternative seating. You could also integrate storage racks within your island bench for smaller items such as wine bottles or recipe books.

Integrated appliances

1.       Appliances such as fridges can be integrated behind cabinetry to create a seamless look. However, integrated fridges need a lot of ventilation so keep this in mind when designing your kitchen. Integrated fridges also require a little more space than free-standing fridges.

2.       Range hoods can also be hidden behind kitchen cabinetry.

3.       Vacuum cleaners can be installed into kitchen kick boards, ready to quickly clean any scraps or crumbs.

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Volpe Cabinet Making are full of novel ideas for your Kitchen Renovation on the Northern Beaches – give them a call for obligation free chat – or email them!

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