The top 5 Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

Renovating a kitchen can be a costly and stressful process. Yet common mistakes are easily avoidable with a little planning and foresight. Here are the top 5 common kitchen renovation faux pas and how to avoid them:

 1.       Indecisiveness and unclear objectives

One of the main causes for unnecessary cost and stress during a kitchen renovation is indecisiveness. Before you embark on renovating your kitchen, establish a clear objective and desired outcome. Ask yourself, is the purpose of the renovation to better utilise the space you already have, to cater for your changing lifestyle or to increase the resale value of your home? It is important to communicate your objective and goals with all parties involved in the project, including the designers and the tradesmen.

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It may also help to visualise your design ahead of time. To do this, create a mood board from material and colour samples and display it within the kitchen space prior to finalising the design. This will quickly highlight any changes that you may want to make prior to your kitchen being finished

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 2.       Living without a kitchen

You may find it hard to believe, but a common mistake made while renovating a kitchen on the Northern Beaches is failing to plan for a substitute kitchen while renovations are taking place. The time frame for an average kitchen renovation is four to six weeks, excluding any unplanned downtime. During that time, ensure you have a plan for alternative cooking facilities. Set aside another area for your fridge and consider using bathroom or laundry sinks for dishwashing. An outdoor BBQ is also an ideal alternative.

3.       Poor coordinating of trades

The order in which the various trades work on your renovation is important. We have seen many kitchen renovations on the Northern Beaches where a pristine stone bench was installed early in the renovation, only to be destroyed by tradesmen using it as a workbench along the way.

 4.       Oversizing the kitchen

A common fault of many kitchen designs in Sydney is that they are too large. Keep in mind that when it comes to kitchens, size does not equate with efficiency. While you do not want a cramped kitchen, working surfaces that are spread too far apart will create unnecessary floor space and inefficient cooking.

 5.       Following design fads

Design trends are constantly evolving and it can be easy to become seduced by the latest fad. While magazine and websites such as Pinterest are a great source of ideas and inspiration, try to seek out design elements that are timeless and will stand the test of time.

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